If you would like to buy something similar to what's on this page, please don't hesitate to contact me.

These ivy bowls are great for tealights and votives, or for just catching light on a windowsill.  As you can see, I have a number of themes to choose from, and I'm always experimenting. They cost $10 if you'd like one made for you.  (Or you could just stop by my table and see if I have one already made.)






This is not as huge as it seems.  It's a small bud vase--about 11'' tall.  I like to go to thrift stores to get my vases because  you can get a bunch of them for cheap!













Painted bunch vases like this one make great gifts.  I usually charge $25-$30 for something this size. 














My favorite color is lavender, but I like green too.  You'll often find glassware with this theme on my table.







This flower pot was a terra cotta pot I "rescued" from a thrift store.  I was inspired by a garden wall that I once saw in an architectural magazine.  The tiles are made from Sculpey polymer clay, and "glued" onto the terra cotta with liquid Sculpey.  If you ever pick up something like this from my table, consider yourself lucky!  I don't create this kind of pot too often.


This is another tiled pot.  Each tile is hand-painted with acrylic paint, then covered in  varnish.  These pots can endure some outdoor weathering, but they do better indoors. 








I like mixing up different color arrangements.  Sometimes I don't know what the end product will look like until I'm done.  This pot turned out well, I think.

As you can probably tell, I have a thing for flower pots.  Before I used to set up on Cary St., I would give away my flower pots anonymously as I walked to work.  People would come out to their front porches or stoops and find a surprise.  I set out about 50 pots in one magical summer.

I also like transforming soup cans into flower pots.  Plants like them!

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